Introducing IRMA – African Soul reaching Global Heights!

Who is Irma?

“I was born and raised in Douala (Cameroon).

At the age of seven, I began to take classical piano lessons. I was thirteen when my father gave up his old guitar to me. I started to write and compose my own songs. A couple of years later I came to France and started to put covers and original songs and on Youtube.

In 2008 the community label MyMajorCompany came across my videos on Youtube. I joined them to write a new page of my artistic life!”

Her first album came out in February 2011, and is currently on the road in France, and is a support act for many great artist such as Matthieu Chedid, Diam’s, Tété, Rodrigo y Gabriela…

Keep an eye on her, she is inspirational, truly soulful and is making the continent proud!!


For more on her music click here


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The idea of Cross -Border Projects is to transfer skills, ideas and talent between two cultures through the same discipline, being music, art and drama. We want to utilise this unique opportunity and platform to demonstrate, as well as share the culture of music and the lifestyle of the arts in Botswana, but keeping in mind the main focus which is raising funds for the orphanages of the Maseila Trust Fund.

In order to get the above to reach its maximum, it is vital that we collaborate with individuals, acts, philanthropists from across the globe and tap into their appreciation of the arts, dynamics and the development of their own communities to instil and educate others and in turn using this platform to develop the orphanages.

In essence Cross –Border Projects creates a platform to expose the culture of the country, providing the youth and individuals in the arts with an opportunity to develop and present their works to a bigger audience, but by also helping the youth with different circumstances to better themselves.

As stated already Cross –Border Projects will work and as the concept manifests and grows with many different artists, acts, philanthropists to contribute to the implementation and growth of these orphanages. It is important that we work with individuals that have the same passion and involvement with their own communities in order to learn from their concepts and for them to learn from ours and for there to be support and growth from both angles.


Our main aim is for the project to have longevity, in order to meet the following goals.

Year one:              Development and implementation of library. We would like to provide a library to one of the orphanages under the Masiela Trust Fund, which they are to advise on which one. But depending on the amount raised we would like to start as small as even having a porter cabin but giving it the feel of a proper library.

As more money is raised throughout the year, the library can be improved and developed to a better level.

Year two:               Development and implementation of a computer lab. This will be and extension of the library.

Year three:           Development and implementation of a music room / library.

Year four:              Development and implementation of an art studio

It is very possible that the above developments can and may be done in less than the time stipulated through continuous fund raising events such as flash mobs, sponsored walks etc. If we are able to achieve this we would be able to move on to the next orphanage.

This must be seen as a youth initiative concept, so it is extremely important that the above implementations will and can be accessible to children who do not live in the orphanage. As this will in turn instil a seed in the community and help and develop these children, especially those that do not have the opportunity to interact with such.

In order to achieve the above and the introduction of the project to the rest of the world, Botswana and our communities, we will be drawing from each side of the spectrum and merge cultures, beliefs, unconventional concepts, art, music and brings all these entities together to create a positive message that can inspire not only the creators and performers, but the audience, as well raise funds for the orphanages of The Masiela Trust Fund.

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Élan Botswana does social responsibility

Élan Botswana is taking an active role in the social responsibility of its country, Botswana. We are working with the Masiela Trust Fund to develop and grow its orphanages to a stage that the fund can provide an infrastructure that contributes to the education of the orphanages – education not in the literal sense but education through the arts and drama.

We have set up an entity called Cross –Border Projects which will initiate ideas through the Masiela Trust fund that will help raise funds, awareness and grow the cause, as well as the people and children of the fund.

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